Before first use

Our #1 top tip is to wash your cotton bedding before use.

Firstly, to remove any industrial smells, and secondly, to allow the material's natural fibres to settle.

Tip #2 Nothing beats the smell of fresh sheets (apart from climbing under them!), which is why for optimum comfort, you should wash your cotton bedding at least once every two weeks. Washing fortnightly prevents bacteria forming.

Tip #3 Use a gentle 40-degree cycle is recommended as higher temperatures aren’t as friendly for the environment and can damage the item’s yarn, ruining its natural softness.

The washing process results in sheets that come out of the wash all wrinkled, here's how to prevent those pesky wrinkles setting.

Untangle your sheets before putting in the wash and don't overload with other laundry when placing in the machine. It is best to tumble dry on a low setting with wool dryer balls and tumble dryer sheets, and remove promptly at the end of the cycle.

  • It's best not to over-dry your sheets
  • Put them straight on the bed from the dryer
  • And lastly, the more you wash our sheets the softer they get. Washing regularly will relaxes the fibres which will make the sheets even softer, with less wrinkles.

Quick Tips

  • We recommend washing similar items together - same colour and weight (towels with towels/sheets with sheets).
  • Tumble dry low.
  • To avoid wrinkles, avoid drying all the way. Remove and fold promptly.
  • And the last biggie, please don’t dry clean your cotton bedding! This is a chemical process and can cause irreversible damage.