Ada Okpe

Name: Ada Okpe
Occupation: Co-Founder, Nyte. Consultant.
Firstly, what should 'home' feel like to you?
A cosy warm inviting space.
The pandemic has changed the attitudes and habits the world over. What habits or rituals, if any, have changed in the home over the last year?
My home is now the place I work, meditate and socialise (virtually) with my friends around the world.
What is the favourite part of your home? Where do you go to escape, create or unwind?

Bedroom for day dreaming, Kitchen diner lounge for entertaining.

An important question that most of us would love an answer for during particularly stressful times. What helps you wind down?!
Candles, incense and a glass of red wine!
What would you call your bedroom 'style'? And what does it represent?
Minimal, my sanctuary.
What does your night-time ritual look like?
Wash, dim light, draw the curtains and chill. Maybe a candle!
One thing to watch, read, listen and learn to.
I love a podcast - check out 'Not Boring!'