Matt Warner

Name: Matt Warner
Occupation: Co-Founder, Nyte. Visual Designer.
Firstly, what should 'home' feel like to you?

Pinning one 'feeling' or emotion to your home is incredibly difficult. For me, home is an infinitely dynamic space that should ultimately both mirror and oppose your mood at any given time. When you're feeling good, full of life and positive energy, the home environment should reflect and help nurture that.

Conversely, in times of anxiety, stress or overwhelm. The home should provide the balm to those heightened emotional states. With the bedroom providing an 'emotional cocoon' to allow you to relax, unwind and recover.

The pandemic has changed the attitudes and habits the world over. What habits or rituals, if any, have changed in the home over the last year?

Home is definitely where the heart is! That I can attest to. Being removed from family, friends and the things you love has given me a more pragmatic view on life, but a new focus on the joys of the home environment and those with whom we share it with. Also, I've gained a healthy thirst for simple things. From clothes to interiors and a more broad view on where to place my time, energy and finance.

What is the favourite part of your home? Where do you go to escape, create or unwind?
Creation is always done outside, but brought into the office. It is my place to immerse in sound and visuals to bring about new, stimulating experiences for clients. And of course, the bedroom!! No matter the kind of day/week I have had. The bedroom allows me the solace to relax the busy mind but also broaden my imagination. Perfect for being creative the following day.
An important question that most of us would love an answer for during particularly stressful times. What helps you wind down?!

This definitely varies depending on my mood. But mostly, I like to take advantage of what I like to call the 'no BS hour' at either end of the day. There is something about sunrise and sunset that brings me clarity. No phone, no earphones, less traffic and people. Just the sound of the birds, the breeze, and the countryside. Perfect for a little perspective and exploring one's place in the world.

What would you call your bedroom 'style'? And what does it represent?

Minimalistic. I like to change accessories, smells and visuals based on the time of year and moods. Essentially it becomes as dynamic as possible while retaining the essence of what a bedroom should be - a place to unwind.

What does your night-time ritual look like?

When it comes to the bedtime routine. Incense sticks, pillow sprays and fresh bedding always seem to do the trick. Along with a couple of hours of compelling TV (which I generally fall asleep to before the end!)

One thing to watch, read, listen and learn to.

Watch: Line of Duty. Compelling TV. Extremely well written and keeps you on the edge.

Read: The truth (Neil Strauss). I was lucky enough to spend a few nights at Neil's Malibu residence and he is one of the most articulate but relatable thinkers in the world today. The most incredible book around all relationships. It fundamentally changed the way I looked at all interactions with loved ones.

Listen: RY X. Australian artist creating some of the most incredibly moving and though provoking music.

Learn: Masterclass. Short, value-filled courses from some of the worlds top chefs, Writers, negotiators, marketers and musicians in the world. Reasonably priced and packed with takeaways. Perfect for anyone who likes to learn!